Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency

Our Services:

Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency we provide set of various laboratory and non laboratory services. Our customers range from individual to company levels, With the quality machines and equipment together with qualified staff who are ready to serve you for the development of Livestock sector in our country Tanzania and across the globe. The following are the services we provide:


1. Animal Diseases Diagnosis

Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency has well equipped laboratories in all of its centres in the country with well skilled and highly trained experts on animal diseases diagnosis. Centres have different sections which covers diagnosis package as a whole which includes Virology sections which deals with viral diseases affecting animals and birds including highly infectious diseases such as Avian Influenza, Newcastle disease, as well as Rift Valley fever. Other sections include Bacteriology which deals with animal disease suspected to be caused by bacteria, Pathology, Helminthology, Vector and Parasites. Furthermore, TVLA has Molecular sections with highly advanced equipments, reagents and consumables to perform Molecular diagnosis which provides accurate and rapid results with the ability to respond to outbreaks of animal diseases across the country such as Anthrax, Avian influenza and Rift Valley fever and provide confirmatory diagnosis shortly to enable quick response to control the situation.


2. Animal Feed Analysis/Animal Science

Feed testing can be used to balance rations and assess the need for nutrient supplements, which are critical for efficient livestock production. Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory agency – Animal feeds Laboratory offers a variety of analytical test to help your business or farm to become more profitable. Our analysis packages are designed to give you the nutritional and quality information required for decision of formulation and quality product. We are using best Machines in the world to perform these tests.

3. Acaricide, Dip Wash and Drug Residues Analysis

In order to meet local and international standards also market requirement for both local and foreign trade. Chemistry laboratory undertakes and produce quality results for test conducted in acaricide, dip wash,animal feeds and livestock products.

In acaricide testing the lab has the following capability;

  • Emulsion stability test
  • Acaricide strength test
  • Dip wash strength test

Also the lab has the capability of determiningdrug residues in animal feeds and Livestock products(egg, meat and milk)

4. Consultancy and Training

Given experience and expertise in Animal diseases and vector research, Laboratory diagnosis, animal diseases and vector control, Animal feed analysis and vaccine production. TVLA is offering consultancy and training in these fields. The Agency indiscriminately offers consultancy and training to individual livestock farmers, farms, and companies, national and international organizations, Training and supervision of University and College students.