The Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency(TVLA) Central zone office is located in  Dodoma City Council, Dodoma Region, opposite railway and adjacent NSSF Office, along Police Road, neighboring former Primary court and about 600 metres from the Statue of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. We provide a wide range of veterinary diagnostic tests and molecular techniques through experienced team of pathologists, microbiologists, parasitologists. The Centre saves two regions ei. Dodoma and Singida, however, it is actively involved in research, training and consultancy through collaboration with our stakeholders both governmental and non-governmental to progress science and develop new technologies. This ensures high standard scientific and clinical knowledge and expertise are used to improve the lives of humans and animals. Is the central zone market leader in Tanzania Veterinary vaccines whole selling and distribution, committed to delivering a positive difference to animal health through high quality services and products. We offer full animal feed analysis tests and acaricide strength testing. You can contact us via the following:
Tel: +255 (0)26 2320737​

Physical address:
Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency (TVLA) 
TVLA-Dodoma Central Zone
Askari road, 
 P.O Box 1752,
41110, Dodoma, Tanzania
United Republic of Tanzania
Office Tel +255 (0) 262 320 737
Official email:-
Cell +255 784 450 605
       +255 735 599 402
        +255 673 599 401