Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency

Who we are & What we do at TVLA

Who We are:

Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency (TVLA) is an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries (MLF), that was established under the Executive Agency Act Cap 245 (Revised Edition; R.E 2009), gazetted on GN number 74 of 9th march 2012 supplement Number 8 and instated by the Chief Permanent Secretary on 11th July, 2012.

The Agency was established to work and meet the following objectives:-
  • Developing and marketing appropriate technological packages and biologicals.
  • Institutionalizing the Management systems.
  • Undertaking and strengthening surveillance and diagnostic services.
  • Improving infrastructures and facilities.
  • Strengthen Financial and Human Resource management systems
  • Strengthen institutional arrangement.
  • Addressing crosscutting issues

What We do:

The major role of TVLA is to implement the objective of establishing the veterinary laboratory system as     outlined in the national livestock policy (2006). The roles and functions are to:-

  • To undertake diagnosis and investigation of animal diseases and vectors.
  • To develop and produce vaccines and other biologicals.
  • To test and evaluate biologicals, ethno-veterinary and laboratory chemicals.
  • To analyse safety of animal feed stuff;
  • To validate tests and standards for animal disease and laboratory diagnosis
  • To provide referral veterinary laboratory services and vector and vector borne diseases for Tanzania and SADC region for specified diseases.
  • To establish and maintain data base on animal diseases and vectors.
  • To develop and upscale technological packages.
  • To regulate veterinary laboratories.
  • To validate veterinary pesticides.
  • To validate veterinary cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and devices.