Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency

The Vision, Mission and Core Values of TVLA


To be a centre of excellence in provision of quality veterinary laboratory services, veterinary products and conducting research on animal diseases and vectors in Tanzania and beyond.


To enhance sustainable livestock productivity, food safety and contribute to the national economy through provision of cost effective quality veterinary diagnostic and analytical services, production and marketing of veterinary products and conducting research on animal diseases and vectors.

Core Values:

In order for an Agency to accomplish its vision and mission the following core values should be adhered to:

 1. Accountability and responsibility

The management will be responsible and diligent in decision making, transactions, dealings and   performance of Strategic plan.

2. Customer focused

The Agency is customer driven in all endeavors, sensitive and responsive to customer needs, and high commitment to customer care and satisfaction.


3. Ethical                          


The Management will act in honest, ethical and professional manner in all Endeavors.


4. Creativity and Innovativeness


The management is committed to excellence and the pursuit of continuous improvement in providing services through Creativity and Innovativeness.


5. Efficiency and effectivenes


The management is aimed to optimize efficiency in the delivery of services by implementing value for money practices.


6. Fairness and transparency


The Agency will actively promote the sharing of ideas and information throughout the organization and be receptive to new ideas including communicating openly to all its members, public and other interested stakeholders.