Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency

Our Offices:

The Agency operates in multiple sites across the United Republic of Tanzania, which includes the Head Quarter at Temeke – Dar es Salaam, Central Veterinary Laboratories (CVL) at Temeke, Centre for Infectious Diseases and Biotechnological (CIDB) at Temeke, Tanzania Vaccine Institute (TVI)  – Kibaha and a zonal network of laboratories across Tanzania mainland in Arusha, Dodoma, Iringa, Mtwara, Mwanza, Tabora and Sumbawanga. We also have two Vector and Vector Borne diseases Centre’s at Tanga and Kigoma including two research farms at Luguruni Dar es Salaam and Mivumoni Tanga.


Head Quarter

Tanzania Veterinary Labotarory Agency Head Quarter is located at Veterinary Complex, 131 Nelson Mandela Road Temeke, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. You can contact TVLA HQ via the following:
Tel: +255 22 2861152
Fax: +255 22 2864396
Email: info@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: 9254 Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Central Veterinary Laboratory (CVL)

Central Veterinary Laboratory(CVL) is located at Veterinary Complex, 131 Nelson Mandela Road Temeke, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This is Referral Laboratory for Animal diseases diagnosis and Animal feeds quality assurance . You can contact CVL via the following:
Tel: +255 22 2861152
Fax: +255 22 2864396
Email: cvl@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: 9254 Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Centre for Infectious Diseases and Biotechnology (CIDB)

Centre for Infectious Diseases and Biotechnology (CIDB) is located at Veterinary Complex, 131 Nelson Mandela Road Temeke, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. CIDB manage biosafety level three laboratory to handle highly infectious disease pathogens. Diagnose and investigate highly infectious specifically trade related Transboundary animal diseases by using Molecular biology, virus isolation and serological techniques include HPAI, RVF, FMD, ASF, Rabies, PPR, Orf, ND, Marek’s’ disease, sheep & goat pox, LSD. Test and evaluate biologicals for safety assurance of imported virological biological (Vaccine and laboratory tests) imported and internally developed. You can contact CIDB via the following:
Tel: +255 22 2860260
Fax: +255 22 2864396
Email: cidb@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: 9254 Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Tanzania Vaccine Institute (TVI)

Tanzania Vaccine Institute(TVI) is located at Kibaha, Coast Region, Tanzania. TVI is the only Animal Vaccine producer in the Country. So far they produce six vaccine which are Temevac I-2 Vaccine ( for Newcastle diseases) , CBPP Vaccine , Anthrax Vaccine, Black quarter vaccine, Brucella Vaccine and Tecoblax (mixture of Anthrax and Black quarter vaccine). The  You can contact TVLA HQ via the following:
Tel: +255 738 342351
Fax: +255 22 2864396
Email: tvi@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: 30137 Kibaha, Pwani.


The Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency(TVLA) central zone office is locatedin Dodoma City Council in Dodoma Region, opposite railway and adjacent NSSF tower along Askari road, neighboring Primary court and about 600 metres from the statue of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. They provide a wide range of veterinary diagnostic tests and molecular techniques through experienced team of pathologists, microbiologists, parasitologists. The Centre saves two regions ei. Dodoma and Singida, however, it is actively involved in research, training and consultancy through collaboration with our stakeholders both governmental and non-governmental to progress science and develop new technologies. This ensures high standard scientific and clinical knowledge and expertise are used to improve the lives of humans and animals. Is the central zone market leader in Tanzania Veterinary vaccines whole selling and distribution, committed to delivering a positive difference to animal health through high quality services and products. We offer full animal feed analysis tests and acaricide strength. You can contact TVLA HQ via the following:
Tel: +255 (0)26 2320737​
Email: tvla.dodoma@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box : 1752 Dodoma, Tanzania


Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency – Arusha zonal centre it is among a Satellite Laboratory, which provides diagnostic services of animal diseases in three (3) Regions of the Northern zone namely, Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara. The centre is mandated for diagnostic of animal diseases including zoonotic, surveillance and collaborative research projects with other scientists.  The laboratory consists of 6 diagnostic units namely, Protozoology, Pathology, Helminthology, Serology, Bacteriology and Molecular biology. The centre also has a significant role in the training of Veterinary students, Para-veterinary students for field practical and Veterinarian. TVLA Arusha, serves a number of National Parks for disease diagnosis during outbreaks as the most famous National Parks in Tanzania are located in the Northern part of the country, including Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Arusha and Tarangire. We provide consultation on animal disease control and distribution/sales of vaccines including Newcastle (I-2), Anthrax, Blackquarter, Blanthrax, CBPP and Brucellosis (S -19).You can contact TVLA Arusha via the following:
Tel: +255  27  2545402
Fax: +255 27  2545402
Email: tvla.arusha@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: 1068  Arusha, Tanzania.



TVLA Mwanza centre is located at Isamilo Street in Mwanza City. The Center serves the Lake zone regions namely Mwanza, Mara, Shinyanga, Kagera, Simiyu and Geita. Lake zone borders all East African Countries; in the Northern part borders Kenya and Uganda and in the West it borders Rwanda and Burundi, hence a hotspot for animal diseases entry in the country.  You can contact TVLA Mwanza via the following:
Tel: +255 28 2501137
Fax: +255 28 2500675
Email: tvla.mwanza@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: 129 Mwanza, Tanzania


TVLA Centre For Animal Diseases Diagnosis, Control and Research in Tabora region, western Tanzania. Centre also serves as a wholesale point for TVI livestock vaccines to some parts of western Tanzania. Centre is strategically located within Tabora Municipality off Airport Road in Nyuki Area adjacent to Tabora Beekeeping Training Institute. You can contact TVLA Tabora via the following:
Tel: +255 26 260 5049
Fax: +255 22 2864396
Email: tvla.tabora@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: 73 Tabora, Tanzania


TVLA Iringa centre is one of the centres of TVLA which is located in Boma Street, Iringa Municipal Council. The centre serves four (4) regions of Southern Highland Zone namely Iringa, Njombe, Mbeya and Ruvuma. The main activities of the Centre includes Laboratory sample analysis, contract based surveillance, vaccines distribution, training and research. You can contact TVLA Iringa via the following:
Tel: +255 26 2702154
Fax: +255 26 2702154
Email: tvla.iringa@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: 290 Iringa, Tanzania


TVLA- Mtwara center is located in Naliendele, Mtwara Municipality 15 Kilometer from Mtwara town center. They perform diagnosis / screening of various animal diseases, Sale and distribution of Vaccines from TVI and also providing training and consultancy in various fields related to livestock finally provision of education to livestock keepers. You can contact TVLA Mtwara via the following:
Tel: +255 23 293 41 41
Fax: +255 22 2864396
Email: tvla.mtwara@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: 186 Mtwara, Tanzania


Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency – Sumbawanga Center is located in Rukwa Municipality at Regional Block Area. The center has the mandate to perform veterinary diagnostic services and Animal Disease Research on South Western zone of Tanzania. You can contact TVLA Sumbawanga via the following:
Tel: +255 ​
Fax: +255 25 2800824
Email: tvla.sumbawanga@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: 99 Sumbawanga, Rukwa, Tanzania

Vector and Vector Borne Diseases - Tanga

TVLA Tanga known as The Vector and Vector-Borne Diseases Institute (VVBDI) located at Majani Mapana, Off Korogwe Road.  Is charged with the mandate to perform research on all Vector and Vector Borne Diseases in the country. Have a modern laboratory for molecular activities and a veterinary diagnostic laboratory which operates with the mandate of providing veterinary services to the farmers including diagnostic services of diseases common to livestock. VVBDI is a center for vaccines distribution for Tanga region and other nearby regions; have insect proofed insectaries for housing tsetse seed colonies for various research purposes. VVBDI owns a 5320ha farm for Research and farm field school at Mivumoni, Pangani District aimed for technology transfer to students and communities nearby; in addition the farm houses a number of animals which include cattle, goat, sheep and donkeys. You can contact TVLA Tanga via the following:
Tel: +255 27 2644572/3
Fax: +255 27 2642577
Email: tvla.tanga@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: 1026 Tanga, Tanzania

Vector and Vector Borne Diseases - Kigoma

TVLA kigoma famous known as Vector and Vector Borne Diseases Centre Kgoma is located at Bangwe Road, Ujiji Municipal Kigoma Tanzania . The center deals with all matters related to vector, vector and parasitic diseases; infectious and none-infectious diseases research in the western zone of Tanzania. You can contact TVLA Kigoma via the following:
Tel: +255 28 2803237
Fax: +255 22 2864396
Email: tvla.kigoma@tvla.go.tz
P. O. Box: ​1368 Kigoma, Tanzania