Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency

Board & Management of TVLA


Our Advisory board is chaired by Prof. Amandus. P. Muhairwa and Dr. Stella Stephen as a secretary, other members are:

      1. Ms. Selina. M. Lyimo

      2. Dr Haruni Jeremia Mapesa

      3. Prof. Hezron. E. Nonga

      4. Bw. Casmir. S. Kyuki

The MAB shall be responsible for advising the Management on the following:

       a) Development and maintenance of the strategic framework.

       b) Objectives of the Agency.

       c) Acceptability of the Chief Executive Plans and associated budgets.

       d) Setting of priorities and annual performance targets for the Agency.

       e) Agency’s annual reports and accounts.

       f) Evaluation of the Agency’s performances.

       g) Salaries, wages and allowances of employees of the Agency.

     h) Any other matter in the promotion and furtherance in the objectives and functions as stated under section 6 through section 8 of the Executive Agencies Act, Cap 245 (R.E 2009 and its Regulations


The Chief Executive (C.E) is the Head of the Agency who report Direct to The Permanent Secretary of The Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries. There are Three Directorate (Business Support Directorate, Diagnostic Services Directorate and Research and Technology Development Directorate). Also there are four units, Quality Assurance (QA) Unit and Procurement Management Unit (PMU), Internal Audit Unit and last there is ICT and Statistics Unit.

Chief Executive

Dr Stella Stephen

Under Construction

Director of Business Support

Mr. Richard. M. Masanja

The Director of Business Support, Mr. Richard Michael Masanja holds a Master of Science in Finance and Investment (Msc-FI) from the Coventry University (2013/2014). He has a vast experience in finance, procurement and accounting as he has worked in various Ministries in the Finance and accounting departments. The directorate has three section namely Administration and Human Resources Management, Accounts and Finance and lastly, Planning, Marketing and Information. The overall function of the Directorate is on areas of administration, management of   human resource, finances, marketing, general information and documentation of the Agency.

Director of Diagnostic Services

Under Construction

Director of Research and Technology Development

Dr Chanasa. A. R. Ngeleja (PhD)

The Director of Research and Technology Development, Dr. Chanasa. A. R. Ngeleja(PhD) holds PhD from Sokoine University of Agriculture. She has been a Co-coordinator for the East African Region Laboratory Network for Foot and Mouth Disease (EARLN FMD), Member of Tanzania rabies control technical expert group CIDB representative in reporting the transboundary animal diseases in TADInfo database in Tanzania, Member of Tanzania technical expert group for avian Member of the influenza Vaccine Advisory Committee of the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority and coordinator of Active and Passive Avian Influenza surveillance activities in Mvomero and Bagamoyo Districts, Tanzania funded by University of Minnesota and USAID. She has participated in different surveillance and research of diseases while giving guidance, addressing and implementing the biosecurity issues particularly during confirmed or suspect outbreaks of Avian Influenza, Foot and mouth disease, African swine fever, Peste des petits ruminants and RVF. She has done research on rabies related pathology and diagnosis as well as molecular epidemiology of lyssaviruses found in Tanzania. The overall function of the Directorate is to plan, coordinate and supervise research and technology development. It is responsible for establishing diseases sources and trends, identification of disease hot spots and disease mapping. Predicting diseases and associated drivers.Directorate have three sections which include; Biologicals, Reagents and Vaccines Production; Infectious and Non Infectious Diseases; Vector, Vector borne and Parasitic diseases research section.